In design engineering, if needed, this company has signed contracts with several professional engineering companies in domestic and abroad, affairs are being done by working a team of internal and external specialists, Because of this capacity, parts and special sets which there is no possibility and no facilities in our country to construct them technically, therefore, has been granted to the foreign representative and all stages of construction including design, preparation of technical documents, construction supervision and quality control processes in the manufacturer company is done entirely by Noavaran Axis Company it is delivered to the customer after the final approval. Examples of activities and services of Noavaran Axis Company in the field of foreign trading are as follows.

• Raw materials required by various industries.

• Accept purchase orders, transport and ….

• Conclusion of delivery contracts FOB, CIF, etc.

• Direct relationship with the main foreign producers.

• Export production of various industries.

• Rials and foreign exchange investments in the capital markets.

• Evaluation of global markets and choice of target market to conclusion of trade contracts.

• Evaluation of supplier

• Evaluation of profitability of financial flows. Another very important and valuable capabilities of the company in foreign purchases is to have offices with the main identity of this country.

This is a result of several years of working in this field, gaining experience and sufficient skills and also travel and stay in the target country for the purpose of ensuring the reliability of the company’s personnel. Considering to this purchase, there is no limitation for supplying goods from all countries and regions of the world. In general, the construction of Noavaran Axis Company is based on specific trade in the field of trading. So we can say that we actually do trading Engineering and we are not just looking for earning more profit.



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